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  1. Photo of Felix de Rooy

    Felix de Rooy Director

  2. Photo of Norman de Palm

    Norman de Palm Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Ernest R. Dickerson

    Ernest R. Dickerson Cinematography

  4. Photo of Nashaira Desbarida

    Nashaira Desbarida Cast

  5. Photo of Cliff San-A-Jong

    Cliff San-A-Jong Cast

  6. Photo of Theu Boermans

    Theu Boermans Cast

  7. Photo of Carol Brown Winkel

    Carol Brown Winkel Cast

  8. Photo of Dolf de Vries

    Dolf de Vries Cast

  9. Photo of Geert de Jong

    Geert de Jong Cast

  10. Photo of Edmond Classen

    Edmond Classen Cast

  11. Photo of Frederik de Groot

    Frederik de Groot Cast

  12. Photo of Janine Veeren

    Janine Veeren Cast

  13. Photo of Serge Ubrette

    Serge Ubrette Cast

  14. Photo of Rina Penso

    Rina Penso Cast

  15. Photo of Burny Every

    Burny Every Cast

  16. Photo of Ana Muskus

    Ana Muskus Cast

  17. Photo of Helen Kamperveen

    Helen Kamperveen Cast

  18. Photo of Truus Dijk

    Truus Dijk Cast

  19. Photo of George Curiel

    George Curiel Cast

  20. Photo of Willy Westermann

    Willy Westermann Cast

  21. Photo of Fifi Rademaker

    Fifi Rademaker Cast

  22. Photo of Hetty Oster

    Hetty Oster Cast

  23. Photo of Corrie van Heijningen

    Corrie van Heijningen Cast

  24. Photo of Chopi van der Ree

    Chopi van der Ree Cast

  25. Photo of Nadelia Walfenzao

    Nadelia Walfenzao Cast

  26. Photo of Jasper de Windt

    Jasper de Windt Cast

  27. Photo of Alexander Ventura

    Alexander Ventura Cast

  28. Photo of Gerda Gosepa

    Gerda Gosepa Cast

  29. Photo of Marjorie Petrona

    Marjorie Petrona Cast

  30. Photo of Leendert Hogerwerf

    Leendert Hogerwerf Cast

  31. Photo of Ifna Isenia

    Ifna Isenia Cast

  32. Photo of Mercedes Winkel

    Mercedes Winkel Cast

  33. Photo of Gilbert Sparen

    Gilbert Sparen Cast

  34. Photo of Kizzy McHugh

    Kizzy McHugh Cast

  35. Photo of Ton De Graaf

    Ton De Graaf Editing

  36. Photo of Roy Luis

    Roy Luis Music