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  1. Lukas Brown's rating of the film Bad Bunny

  2. chanandre's rating of the film Bad Bunny

    Carlos Conceição reaches the summit of his art. No need to compare him to his masters or influences, he's already past them. Clearly so. Film is meant to haunt you, upset you, enrage you, sadden you, amuse you, make you hard, leave you hopeful, or make you crash and burn. I'd say his films conjure all of these things in 30 mins or less (I want his debut feature-film 'Serpentário' to be released right about now!!)Win♡

  3. misu's rating of the film Bad Bunny

  4. josé neves's rating of the film Bad Bunny

    Digital. I know nothing more irritating than a supposed formalism about a supposedly transgressive fiction, duly illustrated with a more or less filibustering homoeroticism.

  5. MELO TINTO's rating of the film Bad Bunny

  6. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Bad Bunny

    a fanciful loss of innocence.

  7. saitosouta's rating of the film Bad Bunny

    3.5. O colibă tainică construit pe un lemn mare, lumină bogat-colorată care se lipește de un zid conacului, dorința de incest de un frate și o surioară, mușchii senzual-străluciți ai bărbatului, toate elementele sunt dedicat esteticei "imorale" dar, luând Yann Gonzalez în considerare, ar fi prea demodat un pic. // 大木の上の秘密の小屋、壁に吸いつく極彩色の光、兄妹の近親相姦願望、艶めかしく輝く男たちの筋肉、全てが"インモラル"という美学に奉仕している。だがヤン・ゴンザレスを考えると少し時代遅れかもしれない。

  8. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Bad Bunny

    Fashion layout aesthetics oddly work well, keying as they do on glamour and an often childish idea of perversity. Luckily, Carlos Conceição evaded traps of overt causal affects and storytelling, playing instead in a youthful forest of sexuality, damage and vague fairy tale representations with no need for reality's allegiance. Kinda hot threesome, although I suppose it could be faulted for being a tad dumb.

  9. Daniella Hervert's rating of the film Bad Bunny