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  1. Sara Delshad's rating of the film Barbara

  2. Cosma's rating of the film Barbara

    This is an average european movie. It's okay. It's not despicable, neither it is great. Not useful, not useless. Like a glass of water, half-full? half-empty?//Questo film è cinema europeo nella madia. Va bene. Non è disprezzabile, ma neanche eccellente. Non molto utile, ma nemmeno inutile. Come un bicchiere d'acqua, mezzo pieno? mezzo vuoto?

  3. paul_quixote's rating of the film Barbara

    The film is simple, fable-like. All roads lead to a single choice, and you're really not sure what that choice will be until it's being made, and that moment and it's aftermath are truly strikingly beautiful. The rendering of the Soviet police state is a place of quiet terror, while the rendering of the Western capitalist alternative is a place of slimy coerced compromise. The kind of movie that sticks in your brain.

  4. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Barbara

    Thoughtful film about the choices and compromises we have to make. That aura of constant paranoia reminds me of 'The Lives of Others'.

  5. alina.'s rating of the film Barbara

  6. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Barbara

    Doesn't quite work as well as PHOENIX for me — it's ending doesn't have the devastating bite – but Petzold still managed to shake me up with his brand of pensive thriller. Nina Hoss is reliably incredible.

  7. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Barbara

  8.'s rating of the film Barbara

    (...)Barbara, ein Film mit Suspense - ohne aber die üblichen Genre-Formeln zu benutzen. Einmal untersucht Andre einen Jungen, der sich umbringen wollte. Andre gesteht Barbara, dass etwas schief laufen würde. Man könnte das auf den gesamten Film übertragen. Etwas läuft schief in der DDR und jeder kann es spüren.(...)

  9. James Mackin's rating of the film Barbara

    East Germany is bad, but it's not as bad as other parts of East Germany. This was alright, but not phenomenal.

  10. Edgar Echeverría's rating of the film Barbara

    Tiene una muy buena fotografía, pero esperaba más de la película... En cuanto a la historia, al final uno nunca puede estar seguro de nada.

  11. Silvoieski's rating of the film Barbara

    Despite the excellent performances, and all the great cinematography (specially that scenes when Barbara is riding her bike through the East Germany forest), the film fails being too peaceful and slow. The film should have more tension scenes, more characters development and more material. In someway, in this film, GDR seemed a peaceful paradise (except the working camp scene.)

  12. ig_____or's rating of the film Barbara

    "Barbara" pales a little in comparison with Petzold's most recent film, "Phoenix". Nina Hoss, his recurring leading actress, delivers another nuanced performance as a woman who has built walls around her, with some breaches that we get to see on a couple of scenes. The film lacked more tension/information but it was beautifully made. I sort of get its strict tone as a reflexion of East Germany's society at the time.

  13. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Barbara

    The slow pacing of the movie it's only broken by the secret escapes between Barbara and her lover and the relationship with Stella. I find it hard to understand how ostracized she is when everything feels so peaceful and the characters display so few emotions. Maybe I need a second watch to appreciate it more.

  14. mpho3's rating of the film Barbara

    I really liked this a lot. It's beautifully filmed, suspenseful from the opening moments, and politically/historically astute. Nina Hoss hones her craft well here, too. For me, it's a nearly flawless film. 4.5 stars

  15. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Barbara

    CINEMA _ A personal film, filled with Petzold´s memories (growing in east Germany). You see it in the details even if the film is well made enough not to focus on the reconstruction of the 1980s. Script well written with Harun Farocki. Good acting as always, played from inside - hold your emotions as long as you can. The ending could be a Dardenne one.

  16. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Barbara

    Living and (not) loving in East Germany

  17. Bekriah M's rating of the film Barbara

    An almost silent portrayal of a woman in East Germany in 1980. Barbara is sweet.

  18. Cristina Verde's rating of the film Barbara

  19. Andrew Miller's rating of the film Barbara

    Great performances, but the melodramatic flourishes feel televisual-- more Netflix than Fassbinder.

  20. eariadne's rating of the film Barbara

    Very well made and well acted, but I loved phoenix so much that I just can't help being a little dissapointed that it isn't just as great. But I still love how sort of quiet it was and I loved seeing the two lead actors together again.

  21. Thomas's rating of the film Barbara

  22. Oneb's rating of the film Barbara

    Remarkable film about cultivating self-determination and the inter-personal censorship necessary for maintaining the human spirit/soul while under the ubiquitous eyes of East German communism.

  23. Kurtulusm's rating of the film Barbara

    Liebe und Ehrlichkeit trotz widriger historischer Umstände... toller Film.

  24. Ciceros's rating of the film Barbara

    Yönetmenin ödülü sonuna kadar hak ettiği bir yapım olmuş.

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