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Battle in Heaven

Batalla en el cielo

Directed by Carlos Reygadas
Mexico, France, 2005
  • Spanish
  • English


A big-city crime becomes an unforgivable one: Marcos and his wife kidnap a baby, the baby then dies. Seeking redemption, Marcos confesses the crime to Ana, his boss’ young daughter and a sex worker in an upmarket brothel. One crime leads to another, and Marcos’ path leads him on a pilgrimage.

Our take

Behold! Art cinema in all its grandeur. If you miss the glory days of lauded, grandiose artists making controversial films with spellbinding visual approaches and headline-grabbing, risqué content, look no further than Mexican visionary Carlos Reygadas and his sophomore vision Battle in Heaven.

Battle in Heaven Directed by Carlos Reygadas
Presenting a characteristically uncompromising vision of human folly, Reygadas’s compelling second feature is also remarkably open to the possibility of redemption and grace.
April 22, 2019
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The fact that it all may seem implausible or even unbelievable is why some people dismiss it, but the fact that Reygadas puts it all on-screen and holds my interest is good enough for me. Although I can’t quite figure out everything that happens here, even with the assistance of the helpful interview, Reygadas’ respect for all his characters kept the proceedings afloat and meanwhile kept me entranced.
December 19, 2014
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Mr. Reygadas clearly wants to say something about his country, to tap into the spiritual and material desperation of its people, but he never finds a way into Marcos that makes you feel the filmmaker’s genuine interest. And he stumbles badly by thinking that a shocking murder can tell us more about how we live and die than a man and woman trying to sell cheap goods to uninterested passers-by.
February 17, 2006
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