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  1. Photo of Mihai Iacob

    Mihai Iacob Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Ion Omescu

    Ion Omescu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Gheorghe Viorel Todan

    Gheorghe Viorel Todan Cinematography

  4. Photo of Guta Stirbu

    Guta Stirbu Production Design

  5. Photo of Theodor Grigoriu

    Theodor Grigoriu Music

  6. Photo of Geo Barton

    Geo Barton Cast

  7. Photo of George Demetru

    George Demetru Cast

  8. Photo of Petrica Gheorghiu

    Petrica Gheorghiu Cast

  9. Photo of Fory Etterle

    Fory Etterle Cast

  10. Photo of Aurel Giurumia

    Aurel Giurumia Cast

  11. Photo of Florina Cercel

    Florina Cercel Cast

  12. Photo of Dan Nutu

    Dan Nutu Cast

  13. Photo of Draga Olteanu Matei

    Draga Olteanu Matei Cast

  14. Photo of Cornel Patrichi

    Cornel Patrichi Cast

  15. Photo of Ileana Popovici

    Ileana Popovici Cast

  16. Photo of Alexandru Repan

    Alexandru Repan Cast

  17. Photo of Nae Roman

    Nae Roman Cast

  18. Photo of Emmerich Schäffer

    Emmerich Schäffer Cast

  19. Photo of Ilinca Tomoroveanu

    Ilinca Tomoroveanu Cast