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  1. BUSTER TIERNEY's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Toujours aussi troublant... Ce film devient une sorte d'inquisition de notre propre mental... Insondable... "L'ombre de ton chien" tentait d'y parvenir ?

  2. Raphy Strombolly's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Benny reminds me of Dostoyevsky's Stavroguin :A smart young kid who's bored and disconnected from reality commits horrible acts in a desperate attempt to feel something. Anything. Even murder. For Haneke, Benny is the result of a cultural crisis :tv screens numb reality, showing violence with the same dull flair as news broadcasts. So do dull parents who sweep ANY problem under the rug and avoid any sort of drama.

  3. caro's rating of the film Benny's Video

    I don't know what frightened me the most, the kid's action or the father's reaction. I got super tense during the whole second half of the film, where everything was following it course: Haneke succeeded in making me very uncomfortable in front on simple holiday footages. A strong message, still prevailing today.

  4. Karolina Rimkute's rating of the film Benny's Video

  5. Pierre.F's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Film vraiment dingue qui interroge le statut des images par rapport au réel. Deux motifs sont archi présents : les images à la télévision à travers la caméra de Benny et les transactions de Benny avec ses amis. Bref l'image, est-elle à associer à un système monétaire? non plus système qui médiatise notre rapport aux biens et aux services, mais système qui médiatise notre rapport au réel.

  6. Simon's rating of the film Benny's Video

  7. fecalis's rating of the film Benny's Video

    La violence est autant représentée par l’action de l’adolescent que dans la réaction des parents .Finalement le plus humain et le plus adulte se révèle être l’adolescent mais qui se venge peut-être aussi de l’attitude de ses parents depuis des années.

  8. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Benny's Video

  9. Didonne's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Les images sont des mangeuses d'homme. Et pourquoi ne pas devenir anthropophage et dévorer jusqu'à sa famille même ? Très impressionnant.

  10. do Brunet's rating of the film Benny's Video

    vu ce film il y a longtemps et choquée à l'époque .Comme toujours Haneke flirte à mon sens dangereusement avec des propositions fascisantes (au sens d'attitude autoritaire). Ces films ne sont certainement pas à mettre entre tous les yeux. Comme Jan Fabre, la provocation au service de quelle idée, de quelle pensée politique ? je redoute plus que je n'admire et ne regarde plus ses films .

  11. Joel's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Haneke's cold detached approach to his films cause me to disconnect and lose interest but damn this film is a doozy. Highly unenjoyable to watch but full of content worth digesting. A powerful puzzle of discomfort.

  12. lbunuel's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Haneke at his most preachy. His thesis here is so banal that in the end it just looks like a Bresson-informed Fox News segment about violence & video-games, with commentary by Theodor Adorno. Wanna talk about video-violence, desensitization, digital alienation? Videodrome's campiness is much more relevant than this very "serious" bullshit.

  13. Olivier's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Un film parfait d'un bout à l'autre, d'une implacable sobriété. Peu de paroles, mais l'omniprésence de la vidéo qui se substitue au réel et finit par le remplacer. Terrifiant et inoubliable.

  14. lemonish5's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Yeah! I think this ties into what I was saying re: sensuality in Jess + Moss! As our lives are increasingly mediated, we do become desensitized—and I don't mean it in the sense that things which should upset us (e.g., violence) become normalized (though that is obviously true and present in the film); rather, we literally cease to engage our senses, even forget how to sense, and consequently develop a need for...

  15. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Benny's Video

  16. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Whats brilliant about this film is the one who carries out the most brutal act is the same person who in the end realizes that a true closure of justice must happen. This to me is Haneke's strongest stuff. Probably his second best film after The Piano Teacher.

  17. el.'s rating of the film Benny's Video

  18. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Benny's Video

  19. Alex Mitici's rating of the film Benny's Video

  20. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Benny's Video

    The German bad conscience (La Vague) marks this unhealthy work. HANEKE, in austere and cruel Presbyterian PASOLINI, pushes the thesis of the parental dilemma to its absurd paroxysm. Scary & frozen. === La mauvaise conscience allemande (La Vague) marque cette oeuvre malsaine. HANEKE, en austère PASOLINI presbytérien & cruel, pousse la thèse du dilemme parental à son paroxysme absurde. Effrayant & glacé.

  21. ig_____or's rating of the film Benny's Video

    Nothing says "You shouldn't slaughter people as if they were pigs" more than taking a dreamy week off in Egypt. Haneke explores how voyeurism, technology, new media and a privileged life can lead to such emotional detachment that people are capable of doing the most heinous acts just to see what it feels like. With flat screen TVs, laptops, iPhones and social media this film could premiere tomorrow in cinemas!

  22. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Benny's Video

    A steely, if sometimes heavy handed, examination of atomisation from media in general and depictions of violence in particular (the means and mode of this film itself of course). It's a familiar counter-position, although with Haneke you get the claims minus a supporting polemic and if not quite Mchuhan either, is often a series of blank eggs without a chicken. They needle long after nevertheless.

  23. skrt's rating of the film Benny's Video

    I film di Haneke, anche ai suoi esordi, hanno l'innegabile qualità di instillare violente sensazioni di terrore tramite una rappresentazione anestetizzante della vita domestica. L'indifferenza totale verso le azioni, i movimenti, le relazioni si riflettono su di un immagine che si dimentica della sua funzione, si perde sui dettagli quando non ha ancora fornito un contesto, rispecchiando così quella percezione...

  24. NUGA's rating of the film Benny's Video

    I think this movie is outdated. Not because the language of cinema has far surpassed what the upmost reaches of this film tried to achieve, but because the notion that media and film deteriorate the young mind to the point of sociopathy and psychopathy. But I choose to see this movie in a different way. Benny is the sole son of two very distant parent and without their love he find reality though video.

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