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  1. Photo of Gerhard Klein

    Gerhard Klein Director

  2. Photo of Wolfgang Kohlhaase

    Wolfgang Kohlhaase Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dieter Mann

    Dieter Mann Cast

  4. Photo of Monika Gabriel

    Monika Gabriel Cast

  5. Photo of Erwin Geschonneck

    Erwin Geschonneck Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Hardt-Hardtloff

    Hans Hardt-Hardtloff Cast

  7. Photo of Kaspar Eichel

    Kaspar Eichel Cast

  8. Photo of Harald Warmbrunn

    Harald Warmbrunn Cast

  9. Photo of Jürgen Frohriep

    Jürgen Frohriep Cast

  10. Photo of Kurt Böwe

    Kurt Böwe Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolf Ulrich

    Rudolf Ulrich Cast

  12. Photo of Klaus Ebeling

    Klaus Ebeling Cast

  13. Photo of Achim Schmidtchen

    Achim Schmidtchen Cast

  14. Photo of Uwe Detlev Jessen

    Uwe Detlev Jessen Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Rouvel

    Maria Rouvel Cast

  16. Photo of Evamaria Bath

    Evamaria Bath Cast

  17. Photo of Angela Brunner

    Angela Brunner Cast

  18. Photo of Helga Raumer

    Helga Raumer Cast

  19. Photo of Else Wolz

    Else Wolz Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Krause

    Peter Krause Cinematography

  21. Photo of Georg Katzer

    Georg Katzer Music

  22. Photo of Evelyn Carow

    Evelyn Carow Editing