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  1. Photo of Harald Braun

    Harald Braun Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  3. Photo of Herbert Witt

    Herbert Witt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Bolz

    Walter Bolz Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Werner Eisbrenner

    Werner Eisbrenner Music

  6. Photo of Günther Anders

    Günther Anders Cinematography

  7. Photo of Adolf Schlyssleder

    Adolf Schlyssleder Editing

  8. Photo of Robert Herlth

    Robert Herlth Production Design

  9. Photo of Walter Rühland

    Walter Rühland Sound

  10. Photo of Hildegard Knef

    Hildegard Knef Cast

  11. Photo of Winnie Markus

    Winnie Markus Cast

  12. Photo of Sybille Schmitz

    Sybille Schmitz Cast

  13. Photo of Willy Birgel

    Willy Birgel Cast

  14. Photo of Viktor de Kowa

    Viktor de Kowa Cast

  15. Photo of Viktor Staal

    Viktor Staal Cast

  16. Photo of Carsta Löck

    Carsta Löck Cast

  17. Photo of Adolf Gondrell

    Adolf Gondrell Cast

  18. Photo of Walter Kiaulehn

    Walter Kiaulehn Cast

  19. Photo of Erich Ponto

    Erich Ponto Cast

  20. Photo of Erhard Siedel

    Erhard Siedel Cast

  21. Photo of Otto Wernicke

    Otto Wernicke Cast

  22. Photo of Alfons Kiechle

    Alfons Kiechle Cast

  23. Photo of Rudolf Vogel

    Rudolf Vogel Cast

  24. Photo of Axel Scholtz

    Axel Scholtz Cast

  25. Photo of Karl Hanft

    Karl Hanft Cast

  26. Photo of Alice Verden

    Alice Verden Cast

  27. Photo of Willi Schneider

    Willi Schneider Cast

  28. Photo of Werner Peters

    Werner Peters Cast