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  1. Photo of Jörn Donner

    Jörn Donner Director, Cast, Producer, Screenplay & 1 more
    Jörn Donner Director, Cast, Producer, Screenplay, Editing

  2. Photo of Marko Tapio

    Marko Tapio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kyösti Varesvuo

    Kyösti Varesvuo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kristiina Halkola

    Kristiina Halkola Cast

  5. Photo of Liisamaija Laaksonen

    Liisamaija Laaksonen Cast

  6. Photo of Jukka Virtanen

    Jukka Virtanen Cast

  7. Photo of Tuomas Harpf

    Tuomas Harpf Cast

  8. Photo of Kristina Hautala

    Kristina Hautala Cast

  9. Photo of Toivo Helander

    Toivo Helander Cast

  10. Photo of Esko Jantunen

    Esko Jantunen Cast

  11. Photo of Anja Koivisto

    Anja Koivisto Cast

  12. Photo of Anneli Koivisto

    Anneli Koivisto Cast

  13. Photo of Marja Korhonen

    Marja Korhonen Cast

  14. Photo of Matti Kuortti

    Matti Kuortti Cast

  15. Photo of Eero Melasniemi

    Eero Melasniemi Cast

  16. Photo of Pia Moberg

    Pia Moberg Cast

  17. Photo of Tuula Nyman

    Tuula Nyman Cast

  18. Photo of Sulevi Peltola

    Sulevi Peltola Cast

  19. Photo of Erkki Peltomaa

    Erkki Peltomaa Cast

  20. Photo of Marketta Riisalo

    Marketta Riisalo Cast

  21. Photo of Pehr-Olof Sirén

    Pehr-Olof Sirén Cast

  22. Photo of Esko Nevalainen

    Esko Nevalainen Cinematography

  23. Photo of Lasse Mårtenson

    Lasse Mårtenson Music and Cast

  24. Photo of Georg Riedel

    Georg Riedel Music

  25. Photo of Arno Carlstedt

    Arno Carlstedt Producer and Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Jyrälä

    Paul Jyrälä Sound

  27. Photo of Tuomo Kattilakoski

    Tuomo Kattilakoski Sound