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  1. Photo of Sergei Solovyov

    Sergei Solovyov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Aleksandr Abdulov

    Aleksandr Abdulov Cast

  3. Photo of Aleksandr Bashirov

    Aleksandr Bashirov Cast

  4. Photo of Mikhail Rozanov

    Mikhail Rozanov Cast

  5. Photo of Tatyana Drubich

    Tatyana Drubich Cast

  6. Photo of Mikhail Danilov

    Mikhail Danilov Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksandr Zbruev

    Aleksandr Zbruev Cast

  8. Photo of Lyudmila Saveleva

    Lyudmila Saveleva Cast

  9. Photo of Ilya Ivanov

    Ilya Ivanov Cast

  10. Photo of Assan Kuiatte

    Assan Kuiatte Cast

  11. Photo of Georgiy Saakyan

    Georgiy Saakyan Cast

  12. Photo of Yuri Shumilo

    Yuri Shumilo Cast

  13. Photo of Yuriy Klimenko

    Yuriy Klimenko Cinematography

  14. Photo of Boris Grebenshchikov

    Boris Grebenshchikov Music

  15. Photo of Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov

    Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov Production Design

  16. Photo of Natalya Dzyubenko

    Natalya Dzyubenko Costume Design