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  1. Photo of Teruo Ishii

    Teruo Ishii Director, Producer, Screenplay Cinematography

  2. Photo of Rampo Edogawa

    Rampo Edogawa Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lily Franky

    Lily Franky Cast

  4. Photo of Shin'ya Tsukamoto

    Shin'ya Tsukamoto Cast

  5. Photo of Hisayoshi Hirayama

    Hisayoshi Hirayama Cast

  6. Photo of Little Frankie

    Little Frankie Cast

  7. Photo of Mutsumi Fujita

    Mutsumi Fujita Cast

  8. Photo of Chika Fujino

    Chika Fujino Music

  9. Photo of Haru Oooka

    Haru Oooka Music

  10. Photo of Minato Suzuya

    Minato Suzuya Production Design

  11. Photo of Takashi Yagi

    Takashi Yagi Production Design