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1,182 Ratings

Blue Ruin

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier
United States, 2013


Blue Ruin follows a mysterious beach bum whose quiet life is turned upside down by dreadful news regarding a past tragedy…

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Blue Ruin Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

What are people saying?

  • Addy K.'s rating of the film Blue Ruin

    Dwight has to be the luckiest, stupidest hobo I have ever seen in any film. He gets out of impossibly messy situations whenever the plot needs it! Directed and photographed by Jeremy Saulnier (who crowd-funded his debut feature over at Kickstarter), BLUE RUIN is an arthouse-styled revenge film about America, guns, poverty, weird suburban families and how not to send a postcard. Though not necessarily in that order.

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    A very well-made, low-budget film. Much love for funding the project through kickstarter, and the end result does not disappoint. Jeremy Saulner perfectly subverts the stereotypical lead character we often see in revenge flicks. The beauty of this movie is its simplicity, and the intense violence is quite memorable.

  • Nick Schwab's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    Hated this film the first time, now I love it. I guess I now 'get' it. As the typical revenge flick is preachy in its violence-begets-violence pathos, yet Blue Ruin wisely avoids any sense of half-assed didactic evaluation and feels like the most economic and tersely told lark of retribution storytelling of modern times. It's a film that lacks any pretense and sends up the macho-fantasy conventions of the sub-genre.

  • Ari's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    Some glaring narrative inconsistencies (and even outright inanities) peppered with awkward and leaden dialogue, but as a low-budget indie it’s so visually assured with such beautiful compositions and such a strong lead performance by Macon Blair (whose perma- hangdog expression masks his character's unhingedness) that it almost manages to make up for its faults.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    Saulnier adds something novel to a somewhat standard revenge yarn by making his protagonist a weak everyman and not a hero that the viewer can necessarily root for. Surprised no one has commented on the Peckinpah like quality the film has in its statement on violence begetting violence in an unending circle of chaos. Dialogue seems authentic and images are quite striking. '..the one with the gun tells the truth..'

  • Lucas Granero's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    El camino hacia la venganza jamás puede ser sencillo. Jeremy Saulnier demuestra esta teoria en una brillante pelicula que, entre sus varios méritos, cuenta con un personaje que jamás doblega ante su objetivo, por mas complicado y sangriento que resulte alcanzarlo. En el medio, grandes gags se entrometen en una historia donde los lazos de sangre importan tanto como aquella que salpica por todos lados. Una gran obra.

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Blue Ruin

    An unusual revenge film with equal amounts raw carnage and thoughtful nuance. Though there isn't much dialogue, this film puts a bumbling, insecure, incapable man in the position of avenger and we're all to follow his uncomfortable, bloody journey. A truly interesting film, and while it is not a "masterpiece" as some claim, it is certainly worth a watch for the high tension and beautiful camera work alone.

  • Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Blue Ruin

    Un film c'est avant tout une bonne histoire. et ceci en est une. A film is above all a good story. and this is one.

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