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  1. Photo of Marcelo Epstein

    Marcelo Epstein Director

  2. Photo of Desmond Nakano

    Desmond Nakano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lorenzo Lamas

    Lorenzo Lamas Cast

  4. Photo of Vicki Frederick

    Vicki Frederick Cast

  5. Photo of Cameron Dye

    Cameron Dye Cast

  6. Photo of Michelle Nicastro

    Michelle Nicastro Cast

  7. Photo of Ray Sharkey

    Ray Sharkey Cast

  8. Photo of Seth Kaufman

    Seth Kaufman Cast

  9. Photo of Rene Elizondo

    Rene Elizondo Cast

  10. Photo of Adolph 'Oz' Alvarez

    Adolph 'Oz' Alvarez Cast

  11. Photo of Robby Müller

    Robby Müller Cinematography

  12. Photo of Sylvester Levay

    Sylvester Levay Music

  13. Photo of Guy J. Comtois

    Guy J. Comtois Production Design

  14. Photo of Craig Stearns

    Craig Stearns Production Design

  15. Photo of Jeff Schechtman

    Jeff Schechtman Producer

  16. Photo of Charles Weber

    Charles Weber Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Lorenzo DeStefano

    Lorenzo DeStefano Editing

  18. Photo of Richard Halsey

    Richard Halsey Editing

  19. Photo of Jean DeFeaver

    Jean DeFeaver Sound

  20. Photo of Tony Gonzalez

    Tony Gonzalez Sound