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  1. Photo of Jacques Molitor

    Jacques Molitor Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Cédric Eeckhout

    Cédric Eeckhout Cast

  3. Photo of Jean-Jacques Rausin

    Jean-Jacques Rausin Cast

  4. Photo of Laure Roldan

    Laure Roldan Cast

  5. Photo of Anaël Snoek

    Anaël Snoek Cast

  6. Photo of Jean-Louis Schuller

    Jean-Louis Schuller Cinematography

  7. Photo of Daniel Balthasar

    Daniel Balthasar Music

  8. Photo of Philippe Graff

    Philippe Graff Production Design

  9. Photo of Michel Dutry

    Michel Dutry Producer

  10. Photo of Jean-Yves Roubin

    Jean-Yves Roubin Producer

  11. Photo of Amine Jaber

    Amine Jaber Editing

  12. Photo of Pia Dumont

    Pia Dumont Sound

  13. Photo of Jean-François Levillain

    Jean-François Levillain Sound

  14. Photo of Michel Schillings

    Michel Schillings Sound

  15. Photo of Thomas Vacquié

    Thomas Vacquié Sound