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  1. Photo of Brendan Behan

    Brendan Behan Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nye Heron

    Nye Heron Screenplay, Producer

  3. Photo of Peter Sheridan

    Peter Sheridan Screenplay, Director

  4. Photo of Shawn Hatosy

    Shawn Hatosy Cast

  5. Photo of Danny Dyer

    Danny Dyer Cast

  6. Photo of Lee Ingleby

    Lee Ingleby Cast

  7. Photo of Robin Laing

    Robin Laing Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Birthistle

    Eva Birthistle Cast

  9. Photo of Arthur Lappin

    Arthur Lappin Producer

  10. Photo of Pat Moylan

    Pat Moylan Producer

  11. Photo of Stephen McKeon

    Stephen McKeon Music

  12. Photo of Ciarán Tanham

    Ciarán Tanham Cinematography

  13. Photo of Stephen O'Connell

    Stephen O'Connell Editing

  14. Photo of Michael York

    Michael York Cast

  15. Photo of Mark Huberman

    Mark Huberman Cast

  16. Photo of Jim Sheridan

    Jim Sheridan Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Crispian Sallis

    Crispian Sallis Production Design