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  1. Photo of Philip Saville

    Philip Saville Director

  2. Photo of Alan Bleasdale

    Alan Bleasdale Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michael Angelis

    Michael Angelis Cast

  4. Photo of Bernard Hill

    Bernard Hill Cast

  5. Photo of Alan Igbon

    Alan Igbon Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Kerrigan

    Peter Kerrigan Cast

  7. Photo of Tom Georgeson

    Tom Georgeson Cast

  8. Photo of Gary Bleasdale

    Gary Bleasdale Cast

  9. Photo of Timothy Bleasdale

    Timothy Bleasdale Cast

  10. Photo of David Neilson

    David Neilson Cast

  11. Photo of Julie Walters

    Julie Walters Cast

  12. Photo of Ricky Tomlinson

    Ricky Tomlinson Cast

  13. Photo of James Ellis

    James Ellis Cast

  14. Photo of Clive Russell

    Clive Russell Cast

  15. Photo of Gilly Coman

    Gilly Coman Cast

  16. Photo of Vince Earl

    Vince Earl Cast

  17. Photo of David Ross

    David Ross Cast

  18. Photo of David Fleeshman

    David Fleeshman Cast

  19. Photo of Eileen O'Brien

    Eileen O'Brien Cast

  20. Photo of Tony Haygarth

    Tony Haygarth Cast

  21. Photo of Jean Boht

    Jean Boht Cast

  22. Photo of Cheryl Leigh

    Cheryl Leigh Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Warren

    Jean Warren Cast

  24. Photo of Struan Rodger

    Struan Rodger Cast

  25. Photo of Lesley Nightingale

    Lesley Nightingale Cast

  26. Photo of Andrew Schofield

    Andrew Schofield Cast

  27. Photo of Jamie Bleasdale

    Jamie Bleasdale Cast

  28. Photo of Tamana Bleasdale

    Tamana Bleasdale Cast

  29. Photo of Christopher Quinn

    Christopher Quinn Cast

  30. Photo of Jean Heywood

    Jean Heywood Cast

  31. Photo of Tony Scoggo

    Tony Scoggo Cast

  32. Photo of Sam Kelly

    Sam Kelly Cast

  33. Photo of Iggy Navarro

    Iggy Navarro Cast