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Ratings & Reviews

  1. itchycoil's rating of the film Camp

    im so glad i watched this cause it introduced me to "how shall i see you through my tears" but also i think vlad is a sociopath

  2. Conn Tubacu's rating of the film Camp

  3. mauro's rating of the film Camp

    if he's gay, i'm dionne warwick!

  4. Inês Sampaio's rating of the film Camp

    This is Anna Kendrick's show and no one else's. Her musical number is the highlight of a dull movie trying to be cool and different. Don't bother watching it unless you are driven to see Kendrick's ingenious performance. Despite her short appearance, she manages to outshine every other actor in her little on-screen time. Skills that she would confirm later on in more recent movies.

  5. Joseph Judge's rating of the film Camp

    Anna Kendrick. That is all.