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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Carnage

    **Of course** Amstell's utopian vision is beautiful polysexual young people having bucolic orgies!! Fulfills comedy's worthiest purpose of speaking truth to power, but only occasionally //feeling// worthy. Good to see the concept 'Time Trumpet' mined unsuccessfully for political comedy used more productively here. I will admit though - strange to see Liz from 'Grandma's House' without her goblin voice!!

  2. S.J.B.'s rating of the film Carnage

    Not sure I've seen anything quite like it. It's incredibly self-aware without losing any integrity in the statement it's making, which is both in-your-face and handled with incredible nuance. The numerous (but fabulous, to their credit) cameos can pull you out of the reality it's building, but the film is better off with them than without. Very Amstellian.