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  1. Photo of Juhi Chawla

    Juhi Chawla Producer

  2. Photo of Sanjiv Chawla

    Sanjiv Chawla Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Anil Sable

    Anil Sable Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Aziz Mirza

    Aziz Mirza Screenplay, Producer Director

  5. Photo of Robin Bhatt

    Robin Bhatt Screenplay

  6. Photo of Amitabh Shukla

    Amitabh Shukla Editing

  7. Photo of Adesh Shrivastava

    Adesh Shrivastava Music

  8. Photo of Lalit Pandit

    Lalit Pandit Music

  9. Photo of Jatin Pandit

    Jatin Pandit Music

  10. Photo of Ashok Mehta

    Ashok Mehta Cinematography

  11. Photo of Priten Patil

    Priten Patil Production Design

  12. Photo of Shah Rukh Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of Rani Mukerji

    Rani Mukerji Cast

  14. Photo of Jas Arora

    Jas Arora Cast

  15. Photo of Satish Shah

    Satish Shah Cast

  16. Photo of Jayshree T.

    Jayshree T. Cast

  17. Photo of Rajeev Verma

    Rajeev Verma Cast

  18. Photo of Lillete Dubey

    Lillete Dubey Cast

  19. Photo of Johnny Lever

    Johnny Lever Cast

  20. Photo of Jameel Khan

    Jameel Khan Cast

  21. Photo of Suresh Menon

    Suresh Menon Cast

  22. Photo of Haidar Ali

    Haidar Ali Cast

  23. Photo of Suresh Bhagwat

    Suresh Bhagwat Cast

  24. Photo of Dinyar Tirandaz

    Dinyar Tirandaz Cast