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  1. Photo of Elliot Caplan

    Elliot Caplan Director

  2. Photo of Merce Cunningham

    Merce Cunningham Director

  3. Photo of Robert Redford

    Robert Redford Self

  4. Photo of Helen Barrow

    Helen Barrow Self

  5. Photo of Kimberly Bartosik

    Kimberly Bartosik Self

  6. Photo of Emma Diamond

    Emma Diamond Self

  7. Photo of Victoria Finlayson

    Victoria Finlayson Self

  8. Photo of Alan Good

    Alan Good Self

  9. Photo of Chris Komar

    Chris Komar Self

  10. Photo of David Kulick

    David Kulick Self

  11. Photo of Patricia Lent

    Patricia Lent Self

  12. Photo of Larissa McGoldrick

    Larissa McGoldrick Self

  13. Photo of Dennis O'Connor

    Dennis O'Connor Self

  14. Photo of Kristy Santimyer

    Kristy Santimyer Self

  15. Photo of Robert Swinston

    Robert Swinston Self

  16. Photo of Carol Teitelbaum

    Carol Teitelbaum Self

  17. Photo of Robert Wood

    Robert Wood Self

  18. Photo of Susana Hayman-Chaffey

    Susana Hayman-Chaffey Self

  19. Photo of Meg Harper

    Meg Harper Self

  20. Photo of Catherine Kerr

    Catherine Kerr Self

  21. Photo of Robert Kovich

    Robert Kovich Self

  22. Photo of Brynar Mehl

    Brynar Mehl Self

  23. Photo of Charles Moulton

    Charles Moulton Self

  24. Photo of Valda Setterfield

    Valda Setterfield Self

  25. Photo of Julie Roess-Smith

    Julie Roess-Smith Self

  26. Photo of John Cage

    John Cage Music

  27. Photo of Mark Lancaster

    Mark Lancaster Production Design

  28. Photo of Suzanne Gallo

    Suzanne Gallo Production Design