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  1. Bogdan Liviu's rating of the film Chinese Coffee

    "Every place you go, you've already been. Every door you rap on is one you just walked out of. What kind of a life is it anyway? You toss and turn. You scratch and wheeze a bit, then one morning you wake up dead, if you're lucky. So what's the point, huh? If there is no point, and there really isn't, then what's the point? Oh, you see this house? Hart Crane lived in that house... just before he committed suicide..."

  2. joey Noodles's rating of the film Chinese Coffee

    Some startling dramatic moments here and then but overall somewhat underwhelming. 3/5

  3. vordven's rating of the film Chinese Coffee

  4. T. J. Harman's rating of the film Chinese Coffee

    Those who think late period Pacino (mediocre movies, over the top yelling) is as bad as late period Deniro need to check out the smaller films he does here and there that don't get much attention. A great filmed play. If you like stories about literary/bohemian types or enjoy Pacino or Jerry Orbach (they both do some of their best work here) will enjoy it.