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900 Ratings

Cold Fish

Tsumetai nettaigyo

Directed by Sion Sono
Japan, 2010
Thriller, Drama


The life of a tropical fish shop owner is taken over by a fellow fish entrepreneur who happens to be a serial killer. Loosely based on the exploits of two Tokyo serial killers, Sekine Gen and Hiroko Kazama, a husband and wife duo who owned a pet shop and murdered at least four people.

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Cold Fish Directed by Sion Sono

What are people saying?

  • filmcapsule's rating of the film Cold Fish

    Odious and miserable. I don't have a problem with violence in film, but I hate movies like this that wield it like a trump card, with no ideas, morals or visual wit behind it. There's not even anything recognizable as irony behind it. It's simply a flat and utterly distasteful experience, overlong, underbaked and completely hollow.

  • Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Cold Fish

    Wow. What an absolutely riveting experience. So far, the best I've seen Sono. It does get a little rushed in it's wackiness near the end (which, to me, is a Sono staple) which left it's final 10 minutes a little unsatisfying, but the 2 hrs leading up to it are one mad, bleak, harrowing trip. A gore-filled allegory for the cut throat world of business and modern day masculinity in Japan.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Cold Fish

    The first 20-30 minutes really lull you into a false sense of security. It's almost like this charming little drama. Then director Sion Sono chops you up into miniscule pieces and burns your bones in a trashcan. Highly recommended for fans of Japanese horror. With Takashi Miike having gone 'respectable' with "13 Assassins," Sono might just be the premiere voice in extreme Asian cinema.

  • dokuyanemre's rating of the film Cold Fish

    "This movie was "inspired by true events known as the "Saitama serial murders of dog lovers"; the convicted killers in the real-life case are Gen Sekine and his ex-wife Hiroko Kazama

  • PolarisDiB's rating of the film Cold Fish

    A counterpoint to Miike's Visitor Q where the force of nature that explodes a quietly dysfunctional family is a charismatic sociopath instead of an alien-like stranger, and the characters react with horror with themselves instead of coming together. It is one of Sono's most sober and brisk movies, dispensing with most of the stylistic flourishes, but is still stamped with his themes and sense of humor -- PolarisDiB

  • Nafisbelmont's rating of the film Cold Fish

    sono's weakest link. it was entertaining in a way but the pace was extremely slow and the build up was terrible. i kinda like the idea but the execution was meh. misogynist, good-for-nothin middle-aged man, screwed up family, we've seen it all before. he's done that for a couple of times already. we need something new

  • Landon Rode's rating of the film Cold Fish

    I've never had a movie so regularly twist or deny my expectations. Cold Fish is like letting your brain swish around in an aquarium filled with rapid-fire metaphors, no scene or image without room for thought, all dealing with a family man's unique destiny in triage. For viewers who find a mirror of themselves in Sono, this movie is a beautiful catharsis, even with all the gore.

  • Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Cold Fish

    Sono's trademark explorations of the destruction of family & the eroticism of falsity (or rather of the submission to a role) are here at their most uncooked. This rawness trades away the assaulting emotion of films like Noriko, but achieves something further distilled: pain,confusion,bodies. Lives ruined, as always. Like Miike's Visitor Q it is largely about the lacinating seism of a virile, übermenschian intruder.