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  1. Photo of Mikio Naruse

    Mikio Naruse Director

  2. Photo of Sanezumi Fujimoto

    Sanezumi Fujimoto Producer

  3. Photo of Yasutaro Yagi

    Yasutaro Yagi Screenplay

  4. Photo of Yojiro Ishizaka

    Yojiro Ishizaka Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hiroshi Suzuki

    Hiroshi Suzuki Cinematography

  6. Photo of Satoru Chûko

    Satoru Chûko Production Design

  7. Photo of Tadashi Hattori

    Tadashi Hattori Music

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Kataoka

    Hiroshi Kataoka Sound

  9. Photo of Toshirô Mifune

    Toshirô Mifune Cast

  10. Photo of Yôko Sugi

    Yôko Sugi Cast

  11. Photo of Shigeo Miyata

    Shigeo Miyata Cast

  12. Photo of Setsuko Wakayama

    Setsuko Wakayama Cast

  13. Photo of Atsushi Watanabe

    Atsushi Watanabe Cast

  14. Photo of Yuji Hori

    Yuji Hori Cast

  15. Photo of Eitarô Shindô

    Eitarô Shindô Cast

  16. Photo of Kamatari Fujiwara

    Kamatari Fujiwara Cast

  17. Photo of Yaeko Izumo

    Yaeko Izumo Cast

  18. Photo of Ryô Ikebe

    Ryô Ikebe Cast

  19. Photo of Yôyô Kojima

    Yôyô Kojima Cast

  20. Photo of Chôko Iida

    Chôko Iida Cast

  21. Photo of Chieko Nakakita

    Chieko Nakakita Cast

  22. Photo of Kan Yanagiya

    Kan Yanagiya Cast

  23. Photo of Mayuri Mokusho

    Mayuri Mokusho Cast