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  1. Photo of Albert S. Mkrtchyan

    Albert S. Mkrtchyan Director

  2. Photo of Andrei Goryunov

    Andrei Goryunov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aleksandr Zuev

    Aleksandr Zuev Cast

  4. Photo of Maryana Polteva

    Maryana Polteva Cast

  5. Photo of Vsevolod Abdulov

    Vsevolod Abdulov Cast

  6. Photo of Igor Pushkaryov

    Igor Pushkaryov Cast

  7. Photo of Aleksandra Kharitonova

    Aleksandra Kharitonova Cast

  8. Photo of Andrei Annensky

    Andrei Annensky Cast

  9. Photo of Nikolai Averyushkin

    Nikolai Averyushkin Cast

  10. Photo of Andrei Dudarenko

    Andrei Dudarenko Cast

  11. Photo of A. Fedotov

    A. Fedotov Cast

  12. Photo of Sergey Galkin

    Sergey Galkin Cast

  13. Photo of Rano Khamrayeva

    Rano Khamrayeva Cast

  14. Photo of Anna Konstantinovskaya

    Anna Konstantinovskaya Cast

  15. Photo of Vasili Kravtsov

    Vasili Kravtsov Cast

  16. Photo of A. Ladynin

    A. Ladynin Cast

  17. Photo of Yelena Metyolkina

    Yelena Metyolkina Cast

  18. Photo of Andrey Poroshin

    Andrey Poroshin Cast

  19. Photo of Vasili Shlykov

    Vasili Shlykov Cast

  20. Photo of Andrei Syomin

    Andrei Syomin Cast

  21. Photo of Larisa Vikkel

    Larisa Vikkel Cast

  22. Photo of Vadim Vilskiy

    Vadim Vilskiy Cast

  23. Photo of Stanislav Zhitaryov

    Stanislav Zhitaryov Cast

  24. Photo of Boris Kocherov

    Boris Kocherov Cinematography

  25. Photo of Leonid Desyatnikov

    Leonid Desyatnikov Music

  26. Photo of Andrei Platov

    Andrei Platov Production Design

  27. Photo of Leonid Platov

    Leonid Platov Production Design

  28. Photo of Grigori Kozyr

    Grigori Kozyr Producer

  29. Photo of Galina Dyakonova

    Galina Dyakonova Editing

  30. Photo of Natalya Moneva

    Natalya Moneva Costume Design