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  1. Photo of Victor Vicas

    Victor Vicas Director

  2. Photo of Ernest Gartside

    Ernest Gartside Producer

  3. Photo of David Pursall

    David Pursall Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jack Seddon

    Jack Seddon Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arthur Grant

    Arthur Grant Cinematography

  6. Photo of Jeffrey Hunter

    Jeffrey Hunter Cast

  7. Photo of Annemarie Düringer

    Annemarie Düringer Cast

  8. Photo of Nigel Patrick

    Nigel Patrick Cast

  9. Photo of David Kossoff

    David Kossoff Cast

  10. Photo of Rolf Lefebvre

    Rolf Lefebvre Cast

  11. Photo of Larry Burns

    Larry Burns Cast

  12. Photo of Anthony Ostrer

    Anthony Ostrer Cast

  13. Photo of Claude Kingston

    Claude Kingston Cast

  14. Photo of Philip Ray

    Philip Ray Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Raglan

    Robert Raglan Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Prouse

    Peter Prouse Cast

  17. Photo of Philip Bond

    Philip Bond Cast

  18. Photo of Otto Diamant

    Otto Diamant Cast

  19. Photo of Marianne Walla

    Marianne Walla Cast

  20. Photo of Beth Rogan

    Beth Rogan Cast

  21. Photo of Russell Lloyd

    Russell Lloyd Editing

  22. Photo of John Wooldridge

    John Wooldridge Music

  23. Photo of William S. Bland

    William S. Bland Sound

  24. Photo of Leslie Hodgson

    Leslie Hodgson Sound