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  1. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Crash

    One of those films that neatly illustrates how ideology can't be neatly divorced from aesthetics (Godard was right!) I remember seeing this as a teenager the year after it came out. At the time it seemed aesthetically neutral, as though this was the Platonic form cinema had reached and would now continue to occupy. Over a decade later it now seems so specific to its time along with 'Magnolia' and 'American Beauty'.

  2. Lahiru Wanigatunge's rating of the film Crash

    In a year we had the disgraceful, one-sided and ultimately racist movie Get Out attempting to talk about racism, a film like Crash deserves another look. It feels honest and balanced, its characters are three dimensional. There is more misunderstanding between races than actual hatred which although wrong is not without reason thus everyone is a "racist" but no one is cruel.

  3. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Crash

    A better than expected drama that has several plots that gets connected by a traffic accident. A good ensemble with especially Sandra Bullock memorable as a racist bitch and Matt Damon being perfect as a sleazy cop make this film watchable even if it has some big melodramatic twists and turns.

  4. Oğuzhan's rating of the film Crash

    Bu film en iyi film Oscar'ını nasıl kazanabilmiş anlayamadım, hayretler içerisindeyim gerçekten...

  5. Tyler Wright's rating of the film Crash

    I first saw this film in a college screenwriting class. Knowing the love/hate status of this film, I was very excited and had a very fresh mind prior to viewing. I've since seen it 3 times, and it was and still is an unredeemable pile of filth. Some of the worst dialog and characters watered with lazy directing and editing and an uninspired script done better dozens of other times...but the dialog is just so bad!

  6. spasmolytic's rating of the film Crash

  7. Catarina Silva's rating of the film Crash

    apparently spraining your ankle makes you not a racist anymore. sounds fake but ok

  8. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Crash

    Saw this a while ago, still enjoyed it after a repeat viewing

  9. Ryan Christopher Coleman's rating of the film Crash

  10. John's rating of the film Crash

    Some overpraised films get an unfair pushback. This is where an only okay movie, that got praised as very good or great, all of a sudden is unfairly being called a piece of shit by an angry mob. This is not one of those movies. This is legitimately a piece of shit.

  11. SeemsLikeFun's rating of the film Crash

    Don't think I'm the first person to say this, but... it's not good!

  12. miacarvalho's rating of the film Crash

    finally a film that studies all sort of racism.

  13. Yongjia Li's rating of the film Crash

  14. Hilkka Alaviuhkola's rating of the film Crash

    full of racial stereotypes which are beyond anything with obviously the white cop being the heroic man at the end. buff...

  15. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Crash

    Amidst other issues, just about any character that doesn't fit into the dynamic of 'Black vs White' comes off plainly as an abstraction of their race. The Asian characters, for example, never really transcend being the Asian characters. The cast definitely could have done with a down-sizing; if the plot were ONLY about something involving lawyers, gangs, and police, the thematic meat would be about the same.

  16. Christian Rains's rating of the film Crash

    Has a good scene and some decent editing, but seriously wtf.

  17. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Crash

    It's easy to hate on this film (not least because it beat the wonderful brokeback mountain to the best picture oscar) but it's actually an interesting examination of prejudice in every day society, with a great performance from Matt Dillon. It's wrong to critise it for contrivance - that it the entire point of this ensemble drama.

  18. Miguel Antunes's rating of the film Crash

  19. film_lies101's rating of the film Crash

    The definition of Emotional Porn. My favorite part is when Sandra Bullock sprains her ankle and stops being angry and racist.

  20. Shane Sarros's rating of the film Crash

  21. Santropez's rating of the film Crash

    Crash begins with the deepest social reflection I’ve heard in a while. On smart dialogues, it starts at full speed around racism, but ends mimicking Iñárritu’s Amores Perros trying to make intolerance the cause of various social issues. It cuts corners to get its point across; it only relies on impression and never delves into its characters or their feelings. If you’re into interweaving storylines, this is for you.

  22. Matt Rolls's rating of the film Crash

  23. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Crash

  24. Jason Av's rating of the film Crash

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