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  1. Photo of Andrea Bianchi

    Andrea Bianchi Director

  2. Photo of Piero Regnoli

    Piero Regnoli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergio Simonetti

    Sergio Simonetti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Henry Silva

    Henry Silva Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Bouchet

    Barbara Bouchet Cast

  6. Photo of Fausto Tozzi

    Fausto Tozzi Cast

  7. Photo of Orazio Stracuzzi

    Orazio Stracuzzi Cast

  8. Photo of Vittorio Sanipoli

    Vittorio Sanipoli Cast

  9. Photo of Carla Mancini

    Carla Mancini Cast

  10. Photo of Mario Landi

    Mario Landi Cast

  11. Photo of Giancarlo Del Duca

    Giancarlo Del Duca Cast

  12. Photo of Mauro Righi

    Mauro Righi Cast and Producer

  13. Photo of Armando Bottin

    Armando Bottin Cast

  14. Photo of Dada Gallotti

    Dada Gallotti Cast

  15. Photo of Pietro Torrisi

    Pietro Torrisi Cast

  16. Photo of Patrizia Gori

    Patrizia Gori Cast

  17. Photo of Alfredo Pea

    Alfredo Pea Cast

  18. Photo of Pier Maria Rossi

    Pier Maria Rossi Cast

  19. Photo of Carlo Carlini

    Carlo Carlini Cinematography

  20. Photo of Sante Maria Romitelli

    Sante Maria Romitelli Music

  21. Photo of Giovanni Fratalocchi

    Giovanni Fratalocchi Production Design

  22. Photo of Otello Colangeli

    Otello Colangeli Editing