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89 Ratings

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

Directed by Spike Lee
United States, 2014
Horror, Drama


A movie about human beings who are addicted to blood.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus Directed by Spike Lee
Lee takes Gunn’s story of star-crossed vampire lovers and makes it an avant-garde gallery of his obsessions, from the plaintive score by Bruce Hornsby to the many tangents involving art forms and artifacts, hinting at a history that has gone unremarked upon by mainstream media narratives.
November 01, 2016
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Lee’s remake has more in common with that disowned re-edit [of Ganja & Hess] than it does with Gunn’s preferred cut, rendering this homage somewhat problematic. The widescreen imagery is certainly striking, and the project was evidently an extremely personal one, though the lesbian overtones Lee has added are marked by his usual ambivalent attitude towards homosexuality.
April 29, 2016
Da Sweet Blood comes off the rails almost as soon as the narrative proper begins. Gunn’s original is certainly perplexing at times (there’s plenty of chronological crosscutting and odd flashbacks to a mysterious African tribe), but its bleak spell never dissipates, largely thanks to the evident seriousness of Gunn’s intent. By contrast, Lee’s film is prone to lurches from ill-advised slapstick comedy—worst offender: Rami Malek’s effete mugging as Hess’s butler—to gruesome violence to labored attempts at sensuality, often in the same scene.
February 19, 2015
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