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  1. Photo of Julie Dash

    Julie Dash Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Lindsay Law

    Lindsay Law Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Arthur Jafa

    Arthur Jafa Producer and Cinematography

  4. Photo of Steven Jones

    Steven Jones Producer

  5. Photo of Cora Lee Day

    Cora Lee Day Cast

  6. Photo of Alva Rogers

    Alva Rogers Cast

  7. Photo of Barbarao

    Barbarao Cast

  8. Photo of Trula Hoosier

    Trula Hoosier Cast

  9. Photo of Umar Abdurrahamn

    Umar Abdurrahamn Cast

  10. Photo of Adisa Anderson

    Adisa Anderson Cast

  11. Photo of Kaycee Moore

    Kaycee Moore Cast

  12. Photo of Bahni Turpin

    Bahni Turpin Cast

  13. Photo of Cheryl Lynn Bruce

    Cheryl Lynn Bruce Cast

  14. Photo of Tommy Redmond Hicks

    Tommy Redmond Hicks Cast

  15. Photo of Tony King

    Tony King Cast

  16. Photo of Cornell Royal

    Cornell Royal Cast

  17. Photo of Vertamae Grosvenor

    Vertamae Grosvenor Cast

  18. Photo of Sherry Jackson

    Sherry Jackson Cast

  19. Photo of Reverend Ervin Green

    Reverend Ervin Green Cast

  20. Photo of Joseph Burton

    Joseph Burton Editing

  21. Photo of Amy Carey

    Amy Carey Editing

  22. Photo of Kerry Marshall

    Kerry Marshall Production Design

  23. Photo of John Barnes

    John Barnes Music

  24. Photo of Jeremy Hoenack

    Jeremy Hoenack Sound

  25. Photo of Arline Burks Gant

    Arline Burks Gant Costume Design