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  1. Photo of Julien Duvivier

    Julien Duvivier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Irène Némirowsky

    Irène Némirowsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Harry Baur

    Harry Baur Cast

  4. Photo of Paule Andral

    Paule Andral Cast

  5. Photo of Jackie Monnier

    Jackie Monnier Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Bradin

    Jean Bradin Cast

  7. Photo of Gaston Jacquet

    Gaston Jacquet Cast

  8. Photo of Jean Coquelin

    Jean Coquelin Cast

  9. Photo of Camille Bert

    Camille Bert Cast

  10. Photo of Jacques Grétillat

    Jacques Grétillat Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Franceschi

    Paul Franceschi Cast

  12. Photo of Léon Arvel

    Léon Arvel Cast

  13. Photo of Charles Dorat

    Charles Dorat Cast

  14. Photo of Nicole Yoghi

    Nicole Yoghi Cast

  15. Photo of Jeanne Bernard

    Jeanne Bernard Cast

  16. Photo of Georges Périnal

    Georges Périnal Cinematography

  17. Photo of Armand Thirard

    Armand Thirard Cinematography

  18. Photo of Walter

    Walter Cinematography

  19. Photo of Walter Goehr

    Walter Goehr Music

  20. Photo of Lazare Meerson

    Lazare Meerson Production Design

  21. Photo of Charles Delac

    Charles Delac Producer

  22. Photo of Marcel Vandal

    Marcel Vandal Producer