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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jaco's rating of the film David Wants to Fly

    Eine wunderbarer Dokumentarfilm. Schöne Bilder, fließend. Liebevoll gemacht. Kritisch, persönlich und berührend. Wie unser Geist, die Suche nach Tiefsinn, Wahrheit, Spiritualität, schließlich, fast überall, nicht nur bei der TM-bewegung, vermarktet wird. God is money. Statt kosmisch wird das ganze zwischendurch sogar brüllend komisch: der König von Deutschland (sic!)

  2. CSmuch's rating of the film David Wants to Fly

    A very interesting personal search. Very good example of the fact that the most interesting stories are born out of personal struggle. At the same time flexible enough to stray from the path and give unexpected insights into a world more or less unknown to us..

  3. Stefan Drees's rating of the film David Wants to Fly

    Not bad as an investigative documentation. It obtains some unusual twists through the private aspects, and it has some really exciting and illuminative moments. But I also think the treatment of sound and especially music could be more professional. Regarding David Lynch, it seems that the TM doesn't support his creativity very much since he hasn't made a film worth discussing since "Inland Empire" (2006).

  4. juanitarrr's rating of the film David Wants to Fly

    If you're a big fan of Lynch better not see this one ;)