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  1. Photo of Carl Theodor Dreyer

    Carl Theodor Dreyer Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Thorkild Roose

    Thorkild Roose Cast

  3. Photo of Lisbeth Movin

    Lisbeth Movin Cast

  4. Photo of Sigrid Neiiendam

    Sigrid Neiiendam Cast

  5. Photo of Preben Lerdorff Rye

    Preben Lerdorff Rye Cast

  6. Photo of Albert Høeberg

    Albert Høeberg Cast

  7. Photo of Tage Nielsen

    Tage Nielsen Producer

  8. Photo of Karl Andersson

    Karl Andersson Cinematography

  9. Photo of Edith Schlüssel

    Edith Schlüssel Editing

  10. Photo of Anne Marie Petersen

    Anne Marie Petersen Editing

  11. Photo of Poul Schierbeck

    Poul Schierbeck Music

  12. Photo of Erling Bloch

    Erling Bloch Music

  13. Photo of Hans Kassow

    Hans Kassow Music

  14. Photo of Erik Aaes

    Erik Aaes Production Design

  15. Photo of Lis Fribert

    Lis Fribert Production Design

  16. Photo of Olaf Ussing

    Olaf Ussing Cast

  17. Photo of Anna Svierkier

    Anna Svierkier Cast

  18. Photo of Preben Neergaard

    Preben Neergaard Cast

  19. Photo of Dagmar Wildenbrück

    Dagmar Wildenbrück Cast

  20. Photo of Emilie Nielsen

    Emilie Nielsen Cast

  21. Photo of Kirsten Andreasen

    Kirsten Andreasen Cast

  22. Photo of Sophie Knudsen

    Sophie Knudsen Cast

  23. Photo of Harald Holst

    Harald Holst Cast

  24. Photo of Emanuel Jørgensen

    Emanuel Jørgensen Cast

  25. Photo of H. Chr. Sørensen

    H. Chr. Sørensen Cast