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Dazed and Confused

Directed by Richard Linklater
United States, 1993


A group of rowdy teenagers in Austin, Texas, celebrate their last day of high school in 1976. The graduating class heads for a popular pool hall and joins an impromptu keg party. Meanwhile, the incoming freshmen try to avoid being hazed by the seniors, most notably the sadistic bully Fred.

Dazed and Confused Directed by Richard Linklater
Here the collar is wide, but the heart is true. Like all Linklater movies, DAZED AND CONFUSED is in no hurry to get anywhere, because it’s all right there. This generous patience pays off; every character is worth spending time with, or they wouldn’t be in the movie, right?
August 27, 2010
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The right car, the right song, the right way of pulling into a parking lot. This little groove, this swerve into the movie (and into 1976), felt absolutely right to me. It spoke of effortlessness, nonchalance, relaxation—but it also carried that crucial overtone of aggression that seemed to color everything in those days.
June 05, 2006
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Linklater’s greatest strength is that he understands the unspoken power of the best rock and roll, and his most extraordinary feat is the way he uses the music to perfectly express the complicated emotions of his characters.
June 05, 2006
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