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  1. Photo of Chuck Patton

    Chuck Patton Director

  2. Photo of Justin Gray

    Justin Gray Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jimmy Palmiotti

    Jimmy Palmiotti Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nika Futterman

    Nika Futterman Voice

  5. Photo of Keith Szarabajka

    Keith Szarabajka Voice

  6. Photo of Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings Voice

  7. Photo of Kelly Hu

    Kelly Hu Voice

  8. Photo of Bruce Boxleitner

    Bruce Boxleitner Voice

  9. Photo of Seth Podowitz

    Seth Podowitz Music

  10. Photo of Chuck Beaver

    Chuck Beaver Producer

  11. Photo of Joe Goyette

    Joe Goyette Producer

  12. Photo of Cate Latchford

    Cate Latchford Producer

  13. Photo of Glen A. Schofield

    Glen A. Schofield Producer

  14. Photo of Jay Fukuto

    Jay Fukuto Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Ellen Goldsmith-Vein

    Ellen Goldsmith-Vein Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Scott D. Greenberg

    Scott D. Greenberg Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Kent Rice

    Kent Rice Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Jon F. Vein

    Jon F. Vein Executive Producer

  19. Photo of John Hoyos

    John Hoyos Editing

  20. Photo of Brent M. Bowen

    Brent M. Bowen Animation