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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Superfrog's rating of the film Death and Devil

    Great format for an expose on historical facts that have mostly been forgotten replaced by a simplified version.

  2. Paul Rot's rating of the film Death and Devil

  3. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Death and Devil

    A very personal and honest documentary about a black spot in familiy history, totally focused on its subject: simple, but effective, without any unnecessary ingredients. Just original documents - mostly photographs - and a spoken commentaries like text from Rosen's books and diaries. I appreciate the insistence on the spoken word as additional aesthetic value and welcome the abstinence of music.

  4. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Death and Devil

    (3.5 stars) Some beautiful images and an interesting story of discovery. The narration is very dry and boring (always a problem in these Nestler docs), and even though the central person of the documentary was quite a colonialist and racist through and through, the true WIN here are the photographs of the various indigenous tribes. Some really nice and compelling images. My favorite Nestler doc to date.

  5. tinderness's rating of the film Death and Devil

    Den Großvater befragen, wie es um die Voraussetzungen des Rassismus gestanden haben mußte im ausgehenden Kolonialismus. - das war sicherlich ein nicht einfaches Unterfangen für den Regisseur. Da half auch das exzellente Foto und Filmmaterial nicht.

  6. Hugh Denton's rating of the film Death and Devil

    Totally compelling. Nestler beautifully handles the assemblage of the photography of his grandfather Von Rosen, raising the most poignant questions about 'that' century and its connection to this one, colonialism, ethnography, Nazism and humanity.