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306 Ratings


Directed by John Parker
United States, 1955
Film noir, Horror, Mystery


A girl lies in a cheap hotel room. She gets dressed and goes onto the street. She is assaulted by a drunk. A cop brutally attacks the drunk. Then the girl is led to a limousine… Shot without dialogue and filled with psycho-sexual imagery, Dementia is like a skid row expressionist thriller.

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Dementia Directed by John Parker

What are people saying?

  • msmichel's rating of the film Dementia

    If Guy Maddin coveted 50's noir instead of pre-sound pictures his work might look something like this demented treasure. John Parker's sole feature was a dialogue free journey into madness that follows a young woman into a world of wife beaters, criminals and other deviants....or perhaps just into her own sick mind. Well shot, on an obvious low budget, with a great score by George Antheil. Worth seeking out.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Dementia

    WoW. Incredible. To label this a mere horror film would be a grave injustice. It reminds me of ERASERHEAD or CREMASTER, but is better than either of those great films. Essentially a silent film with an eerie, avant-garde soundtrack, this is must-see for lovers of experimental and strange cinema. Imagine if Tod Browning had collaborated with Maya Derin. It even has a cameo by Angelo Rossitto, of FREAKS(1932), one of

  • Greg S.'s rating of the film Dementia

    A film that perfectly appeals to my sensibilities. Unfolds like a pulp crime story that descends into a case study for insanity with bursts of surrealism (with obvious nods to Bunuel). The film's underground quality also gives the film a real settling authenticity to menace the city is filled with. Its also one of the only films where the 'its only a dream' cliche makes the film more unsettling. Masterpiece for me,

  • mjgildea's rating of the film Dementia

    An odd, odd movie. It's narrated by Ed McMahon and is an Ed Woodesque horror story told through a film noir lens. There's no dialogue outside of the narration and while it has some creepy imagery, it's also full of close-ups of grotesque humanity that are just as disturbing as the worst horror movies I've seen. The ending was predicable as hell but this movie was a weird, fun ride.

  • panagiotatos's rating of the film Dementia

    7,5/10, a cult classic. Haunting music, psychoanalytical references, nice photography and sets, mysterious plot. It makes you wonder what is truth and what is not.

  • Dada Kubin's rating of the film Dementia

    A murderess succumbs into madness in this wonderful and surreal film noir. There's no dialogue but it's actually not silent as you can hear the screams and the laughs and the cries, which really add to the schizoid feeling. Considering that "Dementia" was made in 1955, it feels like it was decades ahead of its time. Thanks to Mubi for putting this on programme, as I don't think I would've ever seen this otherwise.

  • Lucii Lugo's rating of the film Dementia

    Muy al estilo de los filmes de David Lynch, Demencia retrata a la perfección la mezcla entre el mundo real y el onírico. La diferencia entre ambos escenarios es casi imperceptible y muchas veces confusa. La protagonista se sumerge en un viaje de locura lleno de metáforas visuales que nos ayudan a comprender la psique interna del personaje. El final te intriga casi tanto como toda la película. Brillante.

  • Aaken's rating of the film Dementia

    Experimental film, German expressionist style, 50's film noir, Jean Cocteau, the spirit of the Beat generation... A George Antheil score, sung by Marni Nixon, Short Rogers in the night club scene... Watch the version without the narrator (which is ridiculous and later added to attract the drive-in crowd) Strange, bizarre, oneiric and disturbing, very modern.