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Demons 2

Dèmoni 2: L'incubo ritorna

Directed by Lamberto Bava
Italy, 1986
  • English
  • English


A birthday party in a high- security apartment building (with bullet-proof windows) is interrupted when the birthday girl is transformed into a vicious demon by watching a horror movie on TV…

Our take

They’re back! Not just the demons, but writer-producer Dario Argento and director Lamberto Bava, who present a sequel that is just as wild and outrageous a trip for horror fans as the original.

Demons 2 Directed by Lamberto Bava

Critics reviews

The practical effects used to depict each victim’s painful transformation from human to nether-beast seem more detailed and more imaginative than in the predecessor, enough so that Demons 2 arrives into its own as a respectable contender in the body-horror pantheon.
March 02, 2017
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