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  1. Photo of Kristian Petri

    Kristian Petri Director

  2. Photo of Jonas Frykberg

    Jonas Frykberg Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lars Norén

    Lars Norén Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rebecka Hemse

    Rebecka Hemse Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Nyqvist

    Michael Nyqvist Cast

  6. Photo of Jonas Karlsson

    Jonas Karlsson Cast

  7. Photo of Pernilla August

    Pernilla August Cast

  8. Photo of Gunnel Fred

    Gunnel Fred Cast

  9. Photo of Valter Skarsgård

    Valter Skarsgård Cast

  10. Photo of Gustaf Skarsgård

    Gustaf Skarsgård Cast

  11. Photo of Ingela Olsson

    Ingela Olsson Cast

  12. Photo of Leif Andrée

    Leif Andrée Cast

  13. Photo of Ebba Hultkvist

    Ebba Hultkvist Cast

  14. Photo of Göran Hallberg

    Göran Hallberg Cinematography

  15. Photo of David Österberg

    David Österberg Music

  16. Photo of Charles Koroly

    Charles Koroly Production Design

  17. Photo of Christer Nilson

    Christer Nilson Producer

  18. Photo of Johan Söderberg

    Johan Söderberg Editing and Music

  19. Photo of Amy Öström

    Amy Öström Sound

  20. Photo of Patrik Strömdahl

    Patrik Strömdahl Sound

  21. Photo of Willie Peterson-Berger

    Willie Peterson-Berger Sound