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92 Ratings


Directed by Serge Bard
France, 1968
Drama, Avant-Garde


Détruisez-vous is a ‘primitive’ film which breaks all the rules of film-making. It’s the first Zanzibar film (and predates the very naming of the movement), an attempt to make a film which defies the rules of production, the production line of commerce.

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Détruisez-vous Directed by Serge Bard

What are people saying?

  • msmichel's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    A lesson in tedium whose only merit is that it was shot just before the events of May '68 and shares some of the same sentiments of that movement. Unfortunately by focusing on 'actress' Caroline De Bendern it fails. At one point a character tells her 'perhaps if one doesn't know what they are talking about they should remain silent'; I couldn't agree more.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    Ceci n'est pas un film. This is a series of images that runs for 75 minutes. Sometimes there are buildings. There is a child. Sometimes she just stares into the camera. Sometimes in black and white, sometimes in color. It's like a parody of a very bad art film. It anticipates May '68 without really having anything to say, because May '68 did nothing to change the political climate. It's an apt metaphor for the times.

  • _e_'s rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    Historically interesting but very dated and endlessly bourgeois and self-indulgent. Caroline de Bendern's super annoying upper class whining baby voice kept me making want to smash my hand into the screen and pull her hair.

  • Braddis's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    Tout ça est tellement désuet... ça me donne envie de proclamer "Vive le cinéma réac!" Si vous voulez vraiment faire la révolution en 2015, procrastinez: Consommez le moins possible. Travaillez le moins possible. Ne faîtes pas de gamin(bon, allez, un). N'ayez pas de voiture. Ne devenez pas propriétaire d'une maison. Et sortez dans la rue uniquement pour vous balader. La voilà, la désobéissance civile du 21e siècle.

  • Dombl's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    The first Zanzibar film which forecasts the events of the May 68. In retrospective the film also stars, with Caroline de Bendern in the leading role, the later so called "Marianne de Mai 68". A very reflective film which breaks the laws of filmmaking. Spoken with the words of the film: to gain liberation you have to transgress the laws! FREE CINEMA.

  • DSPRKY's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    The Zanzibar group were evidently willing to dispense with the traditional methods of filmmaking and forge their own path. Felt didactic at times, but I suppose revolutions are nothing if not so.

  • alfsherman's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    Vaya que este largometraje fue una auténtica sorpresa. Da la impresión que fue cortada en pedazos y reconstruida en base a las secuencias más necesarias de forma que el espectador debe rellenar constantemente vacíos con su experiencia de la revolución. Pone en evidencia la inacción inherente a un movimiento que cuestiona el status quo y derribar las estructuras convencionales.

  • Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film Détruisez-vous

    fascinant film document hésitant ("detruisez vous", non "libérez-vous") sur l'hésitation, celle de la révolutions en l'absence du prolétariat ("révolution de la minorité"), celle de S. Bard aussi. "Allez jusqu'au bout" "mais on n'a rien fait" "par peur" "par trop de respect" du "sacré du peuple qui borne la révolution"; "il n'y a que la parole pour nous libérer". Mais le destin de Bard est en écho particulier...

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