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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Kamran's rating of the film Django

    75/100 - Very Good. (3.5)

  2. fearraigh's rating of the film Django

    Comar, in his first effort as director, turns out a creditable biopic of the greatest French musician of the 20th century. It wisely focuses on the Occupation and how close Django came to falling victim to the holocaust of European gypsies. The music, interpreted by the Rosenberg Trio is splendid, and Kateb, the best French actor of his generation, incarnates Django with a world-weary swagger. Better than I expected.

  3. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Django

    Really fed up with this nazi-bashing. Nothing else to produce people?!? I would have preferred to see his youth, his growing fame, not his fight to escape the horrible nazis blabla

  4. Pipim's rating of the film Django

    Les scènes de musique sont très réussis et sont vraiment au coeur du film. La photographie est classique.