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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    Envoƻtant !

  2. mubianer's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    Too many US indie movie cliches; sitting by the fire, in chairs in the middle of a field etc. My favourite caracter was the old sailor in the hospital.

  3. Tiphaine Tatin de Lattre's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    What a relief to my soul and psyche to watch a Kramer film after seeing 4 crappy films in the last coupla days. It's like having a grass-fed steak and a glass of French wine after a week of nothing but baloney sandwiches. Kramer gave us such breadth and depth in his characters that they were studies of humanity itself. And his ability to elicit down-to-earth performances, even from an egomaniac like V. Gallo-amazing.

  5. Artem Eihart's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    "I had to leave my country when it became independent"... Vincent Gallo is great as always, but unfortunately the movie reminds what Deleuze called an "oedipean traveling".

  6. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    Recently saw several scenes from this as part of a video montage on Monteiro's work as an actor and I have to say it looks good. Best of all was seeing JCM share the screen with a young Vinnie Gallo; two generations of fearless film-provocateurs going head-to-head! Now that's an actor/director partnership that needed to happen. Alas...

  7. Mike Spence's rating of the film Doc's Kingdom

    The film is exceptional. Those who say Gallo can't act either haven't seen this or don't understand acting, or a little of both. His body language during a hugging scene speaks volumes. When this film came out in 1987 critics were still salivating over stuff like Blue Velvet. Kramer's life was a gift to the cinema. Yes, his life.