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New Argentine Cinema
12 Ratings

Dog Lady

La mujer de los perros

Argentina, 2015
New Argentine Cinema


Co-director Llinás plays an intriguing, unique character in this existentialist fable about a woman who lives with a pack of dogs on the very edge of the populated world, with minimal contact with other people. The seasons come and go. On life and survival, love and death.

Dog Lady Directed by Laura Citarella, Verónica Llinás

What are people saying?

  • saitosouta's rating of the film Dog Lady

    "A se deveni cîine cuiva" înseamnă "A supune și flata cuiva." în limba Japoneză, care este, mă gînd, impertinent dizgrațios pentru cîine. Acestă e un portret puternic al unei femeie care supraviețuiește în logic și lumeă diferită din capitalism omenesc, facîndu-te să reconsiderezi acestă gîndire. // 日本語で“犬になる”とは“誰かに媚びへつらう”というのを意味しているのは、犬に対して恥さらしなほど失礼なことだと思える。今作はその言葉を再考させるような、人間とは別の倫理を以て資本主義とは別の世界を生き抜く、女性の強靭な肖像画なのだ。

  • Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film Dog Lady

    There are some liberties and romantic views on how this margined woman survives on the peripheries of Buenos Aires suburbs. But the real stroke of genius is how the film captures the unique bond she has with her dogs. Unexpectedly watchable.

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