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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Don Quixote

    Une énième adaptation de l'incontournable chef-d'oeuvre littéraire de Miguel de Cervantès, qui manque ici cruellement de fantaisie et de poésie, bien loin des grands films muets, mais qui a tout de même le mérite de nous proposer un Don Quichotte plus vrai que nature à travers la haute prestance de l'acteur Nikolaï Cherkasov, époustouflant et lumineux dans son efflanquée stature légendaire...

  2. rafaelmontenegrofausto's rating of the film Don Quixote

    Kozintsev combina mais com Shakespeare O 'Almas Mortas'(Gogol) e esse 'Quixote'(Cervantes) talvez funcionassem melhor com Ryazanov ou Daneliya

  3. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Don Quixote

    The massive classic Spanish novel gets a Russian-language cinematic treatment that clocks in at less than two hours. And it's surprisingly excellent. Them skies!

  4. Jugend21's rating of the film Don Quixote

    Fascinating, imperfect and sad. I want to say that Cherkasov was "born to play this role", but it seems like he was born to play Alexander Nevsky and Ivan the terrible as well. Perhaps you can look at it as a kind of (very soviet?) trajectory - the ideal hero descends into madness... It's unfortunate that the script isn't tighter / sancho isn't better.

  5. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Don Quixote

    Of course, adapting a monumental classic to the big screen can only be an invitation to read the novel and never a substitute to the experience. I admired Kozintsev's evocative, lyrical eye for landscapes as well as the entire cast and crew's affection for the story. There are scenes of awesome power, such as the climactic windmill scene, but my favorite remains Don Quixote's tender dialogue with the lion.

  6. Howard Orr's rating of the film Don Quixote

    Like many Soviet films, gorgeous compositional sense and intelligent camera movement, but lousy colour process. Moskvin and Cherkassov's input reminds me strongly of Eisenstein's "Ivan The Terrible"; Cherkassov (a double for Gunnar Bjornstrand) seems like a gangling, gawky spectator at his own pageant -as if Ivan was freed from his own delirium, cleansed of his evil, again finding nobility in virtuous adventures.