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Horror of Dracula

Directed by Terence Fisher
United Kingdom, 1958
Horror, Thriller


Dr. Van Helsing, investigating the death of his friend concludes that Jonathan Harker was the victim of a blood-sucking vampire. But Dracula persists in seeking revenge against Harker, targeting Lucy’s beautiful sister, Mina.

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Dracula Directed by Terence Fisher

Awards & Festivals



Hugo Awards

1959 | Nominee: Best Dramatic Presentation

What are people saying?

  • ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Dracula

    "And then I think the better of the two, the film that we really felt went further, was HORROR OF DRACULA. You know, there's nothing like the introduction of Dracula in that picture" (Martin Scorsese on this and CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN)

  • Richmond Hill's rating of the film Dracula

    A brisk reduction of Stoker; Cushing leads with an etiolated dash and the Parma Violet feel of early Hammer Horror is nicely in situ. It's probably the best of the Hammer Horrors (certainly of the Dracula series which neatly declined with each entry) with splendidly realised atmosphere achieved on a limited budget - talent will out...

  • SALESK's rating of the film Dracula

    All the characters act like utter idiots, with Gough winning the contest for 'Dumbest Face,' Oh, but it's all in good fun. As Count Dracula, Christopher Lee's barely contained contempt for having to play at human respectability--and his untethered bloodlust in the heat of conquest--make for a character & career-defining performance. Peter Cushing epitomizes the Secretly Badass Distinguished English Gentleman.

  • Silenzio's rating of the film Dracula

    The one Hammer film which should be seen by everyone and personally my favourte dracula film if not the closest to Bram Stoker. Nobody ever played Van Helsing with the zest of Cushing and despite limited dialogue Lee is possibly the most effective screen dracula although other actors such as Bela Lugosi, Frank Langella and Gary Oldman all played the part well in their own way. A wonderfully energetic film

  • SlavicaSkoric's rating of the film Dracula

    And so I met Cushing as Van Helsing and the rest was history <3. This is the way of true Dracula, an undead demon. Sir Lee delivers all the darkness so well, accompanied by lavish Hammer scenography... A feast for all the senses of a horror fan.

  • Fritz's rating of the film Dracula

    Van Helsing such bad-ass. Cushing probably is the best to portray the vampire-hunter with his calm and collected gentleman demeanor and precision (that candlesticks-turned-cross is topnotch move!). If Kingsman Secret Service is a 1950s film, he'd be the founder. This is perhaps gorier & less mysterious than the 1931 version which is more theatrical. Despite the deviation from the source, this is still a classic.

  • FISCHER's rating of the film Dracula

    Un jeune homme courageux et résolu se fait engager comme bibliothécaire chez le fameux comte Dracula afin de pouvoir en fait le détruire plus facilement : une version fort estimable !

  • Bob's rating of the film Dracula

    Surprisingly fitting in capturing the spirit of the novel with polished style and gothic sets even though it departures from the plot. Christopher Lee brings an iconic character to life with few words, presence and charisma while Michael Gough and Peter Cushing have great chemistry with latter being arguably the greatest cinematic Van Helsing, precise and easy going as he should. One of the finest Dracula adaptations