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  1. Photo of Carl Schenkel

    Carl Schenkel Director

  2. Photo of Gianni Garko

    Gianni Garko Cast

  3. Photo of Ralf Wolter

    Ralf Wolter Cast

  4. Photo of Alexander Grill

    Alexander Grill Cast

  5. Photo of Ellen Umlauf

    Ellen Umlauf Cast

  6. Photo of Dan van Husen

    Dan van Husen Cast

  7. Photo of Betty Vergès

    Betty Vergès Cast

  8. Photo of Bea Fiedler

    Bea Fiedler Cast

  9. Photo of Giacomo Rizzo

    Giacomo Rizzo Cast

  10. Photo of Rosl Mayr

    Rosl Mayr Cast

  11. Photo of Herta Worell

    Herta Worell Cast

  12. Photo of Tobias Meister

    Tobias Meister Cast

  13. Photo of Heinz Hölscher

    Heinz Hölscher Cinematography

  14. Photo of Gerhard Heinz

    Gerhard Heinz Music

  15. Photo of Nino Borghi

    Nino Borghi Production Design

  16. Photo of Karl Spiehs

    Karl Spiehs Producer

  17. Photo of Jutta Hering

    Jutta Hering Editing