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  1. Photo of Matthew Robbins

    Matthew Robbins Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Howard W. Koch

    Howard W. Koch Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Hal Barwood

    Hal Barwood Producer, Screenplay

  4. Photo of Derek Vanlint

    Derek Vanlint Cinematography

  5. Photo of Peter MacNicol

    Peter MacNicol Cast

  6. Photo of Caitlin Clarke

    Caitlin Clarke Cast

  7. Photo of Ralph Richardson

    Ralph Richardson Cast

  8. Photo of John Hallam

    John Hallam Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Eyre

    Peter Eyre Cast

  10. Photo of Albert Salmi

    Albert Salmi Cast

  11. Photo of Sydney Bromley

    Sydney Bromley Cast

  12. Photo of Chloe Salaman

    Chloe Salaman Cast

  13. Photo of Emrys James

    Emrys James Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Kemp

    Roger Kemp Cast

  15. Photo of Ian McDiarmid

    Ian McDiarmid Cast

  16. Photo of Tony Lawson

    Tony Lawson Editing

  17. Photo of Elliot Scott

    Elliot Scott Production Design

  18. Photo of Alan Cassie

    Alan Cassie Production Design

  19. Photo of Ian Whittaker

    Ian Whittaker Production Design

  20. Photo of Alex North

    Alex North Music

  21. Photo of Dennis Muren

    Dennis Muren Animation

  22. Photo of Phil Tippett

    Phil Tippett Animation

  23. Photo of Chris Walas

    Chris Walas Animation

  24. Photo of Dale Strumpbell

    Dale Strumpbell Sound

  25. Photo of Anthony Mendleson

    Anthony Mendleson Costume Design