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  1. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons

    A universe where Marlon Wayans is killed off and Justin Whalin is believed to be able to carry a film.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons

    Great potential based upon old role-playing board game about sorcerers and war between different colored dragons. Sadly this has one of the worst scripts and directing I have ever seen with a lot of actors spitting out dialogue. Jeremy Irons has never been worse overacting in a way I never thought he could do and the annoying Marlon Wayans has a comedic role. CGI disappoints too and the dragons are underwhelming.

  3. Vielleicht An Stillen Tagen's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons

    Leider ist dieser Film in vielerlei Hinsicht absolut nicht empfehlenswert: Die Story ist nach kurzer Zeit ermüdend, die Figuren sind sehr flach gezeichnet, die Dialoge schlecht ausgefeilt und belanglos. Dichte Atmosphäre, fantasievolle Geschichtenerzählung und archaische Mystik und Art fehlen dem Film leider im Ansatz und völlig. Slapstickhafter Unfug, der ziemlich nervt und dem Rollenspiel nicht gerecht wird ...

  4. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons

    Alright, I have a reason for seeing this, I swear—an old friend of mine and I have bad movie nights where we riff-track, and this is a goldmine in that respect if not in any other. But it's fascinating to see pre-LotR fantasy. Jackson would soon make this kind of thing bankable; one year earlier, New Line felt it needed Marlon Wayans doing some white studio exec's version of "street" talk to go down with audiences.

  5. Rodrigo Morgado's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons

  6. eek's rating of the film Dungeons & Dragons