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  1. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Eden Log

    I only watched this because Vimala Pons is in it...can't help myself. Bring on the new Bertrand Mandico film please.

  2. vordven's rating of the film Eden Log

  3. Mugino's rating of the film Eden Log

    It gets some credit for attempting big budget SF ideas on a shoestring budget with passable results. The tree theme is unusual and there are inspired moments such as when Tolbiac's animal urges overwhelm the Botanist -- it's constructed with an unsettling ambiguity that put me on edge. But there's a problem when the elaborate constructs of the SF world are cliched, irrelevant detours from the central punchline. Meh.

  4. sfcugura's rating of the film Eden Log

    Even though I didn't particularly like the shaky-camera-thingy (which is apparently very popular these days) at the very beginning or couple of moments, when the mid-production level became very obvious, I absolutely LOVED the claustrophobic, post-cataclysmic atmosphere, the social implications and the übermensch character. Btw, Pandorum is the total rip-off :P

  5. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Eden Log