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  1. Photo of Franziska Buch

    Franziska Buch Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Erich Kästner

    Erich Kästner Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tobias Retzlaff

    Tobias Retzlaff Cast

  4. Photo of Anja Sommavilla

    Anja Sommavilla Cast

  5. Photo of Jürgen Vogel

    Jürgen Vogel Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Schrader

    Maria Schrader Cast

  7. Photo of Kai Wiesinger

    Kai Wiesinger Cast

  8. Photo of Tim Hansen

    Tim Hansen Cast

  9. Photo of Maurice Kumar

    Maurice Kumar Cast

  10. Photo of Sergej Moya

    Sergej Moya Cast

  11. Photo of Anita Schulz

    Anita Schulz Cast

  12. Photo of Annika Schulz

    Annika Schulz Cast

  13. Photo of Tobias Unkauf

    Tobias Unkauf Cast

  14. Photo of Maximilian Befort

    Maximilian Befort Cast

  15. Photo of David Klock

    David Klock Cast

  16. Photo of Hannes Hubach

    Hannes Hubach Cinematography

  17. Photo of Biber Gullatz

    Biber Gullatz Music

  18. Photo of Eckes Malz

    Eckes Malz Music

  19. Photo of Albrecht Konrad

    Albrecht Konrad Production Design

  20. Photo of Patricia Rommel

    Patricia Rommel Editing

  21. Photo of Manfred Banach

    Manfred Banach Sound

  22. Photo of Eveline Stösser

    Eveline Stösser Costume Design