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  1. Photo of Olle Hellbom

    Olle Hellbom Director

  2. Photo of Astrid Lindgren

    Astrid Lindgren Screenplay

  3. Photo of Georg Riedel

    Georg Riedel Music

  4. Photo of Kalle Bergholm

    Kalle Bergholm Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jan Persson

    Jan Persson Editing

  6. Photo of Stig Limér

    Stig Limér Production Design

  7. Photo of Eddie Axberg

    Eddie Axberg Sound

  8. Photo of Björn Öberg

    Björn Öberg Sound

  9. Photo of Jan Ohlsson

    Jan Ohlsson Cast

  10. Photo of Lena Wisborg

    Lena Wisborg Cast

  11. Photo of Allan Edwall

    Allan Edwall Cast

  12. Photo of Emy Storm

    Emy Storm Cast

  13. Photo of Björn Gustafson

    Björn Gustafson Cast

  14. Photo of Maud Hansson

    Maud Hansson Cast

  15. Photo of Carsta Löck

    Carsta Löck Cast

  16. Photo of Isa Quensel

    Isa Quensel Cast

  17. Photo of Hannelore Schroth

    Hannelore Schroth Cast

  18. Photo of Jan Nygren

    Jan Nygren Cast

  19. Photo of Pierre Lindstedt

    Pierre Lindstedt Cast

  20. Photo of Göthe Grefbo

    Göthe Grefbo Cast

  21. Photo of Wilhelm Clason

    Wilhelm Clason Cast

  22. Photo of Georg Årlin

    Georg Årlin Cast

  23. Photo of Curt Masreliez

    Curt Masreliez Cast

  24. Photo of Hans-Eric Stenborg

    Hans-Eric Stenborg Cast

  25. Photo of Sven Holmberg

    Sven Holmberg Cast

  26. Photo of Gisela Hahn

    Gisela Hahn Cast